Why Holidays of Australia & the World?

We are a family-owned Australian business that prides itself on being an industry leader, with a dedication to exceptional customer service, innovation and adaptability to change. We have a diverse team from all different personal and cultural backgrounds working within a supportive and inclusive environment. We have a commitment to professionalism and work to bring out the best in everyone. We also like to have fun too, with in-office events and off-site social events, it is all about teamwork, upholding our company values and enjoying what we do.

Company values and Vision

Our company values and vision are an integral part to our everyday work and our people.

Vision Statement:

We will be an industry leader in the delivery of exceptional customer service together with providing unique and iconic travel experiences. We will embrace growth, innovation and excellence in all that we do. Our customers and suppliers will be our clients for life.


  • Innovation
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

What We Do

We are a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated travel agency and travel is our absolute passion. This passion drives our deep industry knowledge, as well as our dedication to ensuring our clients are given the best advice, tremendous value for money, the friendliest personalised service, plus exclusive and unique travel experiences that create amazing travel tales and memories.

At Holidays of Australia & the World & the World, our clients are our absolute priority. It’s our goal to have happy and returning clients who travel with us time and time again (click here to read some of our client testimonials). That’s why our motto is “Clients for Life”.

Our objective is to be an industry leader in providing unique, personalised holiday itineraries to our clients and delivering exceptional customer service.

We’ve built our successful brand on some vital brand pillars and values. They’re crucial to our ongoing success and everyone at Holidays of Australia & the World know that these pillars are absolutely non-negotiable.

Training and development

At Holidays of Australia & the World, we are committed to seeing people grow and supporting further development. It may not be for everyone but if it is, we do our utmost to nurture this through mentoring and ongoing training. Commencing employment begins with a tailored training program dependent upon the position and any previous knowledge and experience is incorporated to this.


Our workplace culture is of great ongoing importance and we constantly strive to adapt and develop this and promote a supportive and team-based environment. We want our people to want to come to work and feel safe, included and valued everyday, and in turn one of the many things we value from our people is a positive or growth mindset. 

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