Although we don't plan for things to go wrong, unfortunately, sometimes they do. Travel insurance allows you to travel with complete peace of mind.

Travel insurance can assist with unexpected overseas medical and dental costs, amendment or cancellation fees, luggage and travel documents including lost or stolen passports

The Department of Foreign Affairs handle over 20,000 cases a year involving Australians in difficulty overseas. Unfortunately, not all of these cases involved travellers covered by travel insurance. Travellers who are not covered by insurance are personally liable for covering medical and associated costs incurred.

With travel insurance now available from a variety of different providers, its more important than ever that customers purchase adequate cover through a trusted provider.

Can consumers be confident of the complimentary cover provided by their credit card or will they be left under insured?

We examine common misconceptions below.

Myth: It's cheaper and more convenient to go with the complimentary travel insurance on my credit card.

Activation: Many travellers are caught out when they don't realise they are required to activate their cover. The criteria required for activation varies from one provided to the other, but in most cases a certain amount of their trip must be paid for on their credit card.

Paying extra in credit card charges: Often, paying for a trip on credit card incurs a surcharge - a $10,000 overseas holiday on credit card could add $200 in surcharges to activeate a complimentary cover which may not provide adequate cover.

Excess payments: Its important to check what excess payment is required when claiming, as a high excess with no buy out option can significantly increase the overall cost of travel insurance.

Myth: Travel cover is premium quality simply because its attached to a premium credit card.

Without reading the full Product Disclosure Statement, travellers should never assume they will be fully covered. Every travel insurance offering varies in terms of limitations and exclusions to cover

Flexibility: Travel insurance is not a case of one size fits all. Stand alone cover often allows travellers to choose the level of cover they require, from a basic level through to a comprehensive level, instead of a standard cover across the board. Travellers participating in a sport or activity should also check whether this is covered- some policies exclude things like skiing or snowboarding.

Myth: My Credit card offers me travel insurance - so im already covered.

Age restrictions: Travellers should check for age restrictions that might exclude them from cover. Having a credit card that offers complimentary travel insurance doesn't necessarily mean automatic cover.

Existing Medical Conditions: its worth checking whether a policy offers cover for their existing medical condition and what restrictions apply. Assuming that complimentary travel insurance means full cover can leave them out of pocket if they need to claim.

Myth: It's all about price in the end.

Travel insurance extends far beyond simple cover. When travellers are overseas and need help, particularly in medical situations, being able to reach an expert here in Australia 24 hours a day can make a world of difference.

Chances are, travel insurance specialists are better equipped to help travellers get home safely. Holidays of Australia & the World are equipped to help customers prepare and lodge claims for travel insurance purchased through Holidays of Australia

We urge you to take out appropriate travel insurance and our consultants are at the ready to help with all the advice and tips you need.

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