Welcome to the world of extraordinary travel, where adventure knows no bounds and every destination is an invitation to explore. The question is, how should I go about booking my getaway? We're here to make that decision nice and easy for you with the top 6 reasons to book with an agency like Holidays of Australia and the World. Join us as we uncover these compelling reasons to utilise the services of a seasoned travel specialist when unlocking the world's travel treasures.

1. Experienced Travelers

Our team at Holidays of Australia are more than just travel agents, they are travel specialists. Seasoned explorers who have travelled far and wide, and are now looking to share that experience and expertise to recreate amazing holiday getaways for you. With a wealth of personal travel experiences, they can provide invaluable insights, recommendations, and firsthand knowledge about the destinations you're eager to visit. The world is a large place, so even on the off chance your agent hasn’t been to a particular destination, they have undoubtedly been somewhere similar, already researched and booked this destination for other clients, and are surrounded by other travel experts to form a hivemind of travel knowledge. 

2. Perks of a Package

At Holidays of Australia and the World, you don't just get loose parts, you get the entire package. Our travel specialists take their knowledge and experience to curate and refine tried and tested our holiday packages to maximise your experience. Stay at hand-picked hotels, experience the must do tours and attractions, sit back and relax as all the logistics are planned out for you. Don’t let yourself come back from your holiday wishing you’d done it differently when the perfect plan was already waiting for you. And for those who want a little extra, our travel specialists can add on, extend and tweak your one size fits all experience into a snug personalised fit. 

3. Someone to Handle the Unexpected

If you’ve travelled before, then you know that sometimes even the best laid plans can encounter a hiccup. Whether it be an unexpected flight delay, a disruption in your plans, or a sudden cancellation, having a travel agent as your ally is priceless. When your stress is high, there is nothing you will want more than someone to come to for advice, someone to wait through those hold times with operators, someone who knows the industry and your entitlements who can step up to bat for you. The service of a travel agent isn’t just when you book, it’s all the way until you get home. They're your lifeline, ready to handle unforeseen circumstances and ensure your journey remains on track.

4. Similar costs, much more value

When you book with a travel agent, you get more than just the booking, you receive all the service up to and after the booking. There is a common misconception that you are then paying more for this service, when in reality, the agents service is usually a free add on to the same rates you’d receive booking direct. In some cases, we may even have exclusive deals and packages to get you even better rates. Our travel specialists are also skilled at finding the best deals with actual value, to ensure your cheap price doesn’t equate to cheap quality. When you book with an agent it’s a win-win situation all around.

5. Exclusives

One of the perks of booking with "Holidays of Australia and the World" is access to exclusive experiences and offerings. Some of our most famous examples are our signature cruise and rail experiences, which offer exclusive cruise routes and availability, and pair them up with rail for unforgettable journeys across the country. Another example of an exclusive product is our small group tours, which travel in a small personalised group size with a host to explore more niche destinations in detail. Many other deals may also have exclusive elements like discounts or availability. Whatever package you go for, you'll love the privileges of being a part of our travel family.