Indian Pacific

A journey aboard the iconic Indian Pacific will whisk you between Perth, Adelaide and Sydney in comfort and style.

The famous 4,352 kilometre Indian Pacific journey is one of a thousand contrasts, traversing landscapes as diverse as the towering majesty of the Blue Mountains, travelling the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world, crossing the barren expanse of the Nullabor Plain and passing by every goldmine, ghost town and grapevine in between.

Outside your wide-screen picture window, the landscape shifts over and over, revealing hidden secrets, from long abandoned homesteads to the striking wildflowers of Western Australia. Quite simply the Indian Pacific journey defines Australia. Read More

Indian Pacific Departures & Packages


Your journey aboard The Indian Pacific will ignite all five senses and when it comes to your taste buds, rest assured, they’ll be having the time of their lives as well.

The history of the Indian Pacific can be traced back to the early 1900s when the colonies of Australia sought federation at the end of the 19th Century. The colony of Western Australia was lured to join this new nation with the promise of a transcontinental railway, linking the isolated west with the eastern colonies.

At the time a skeleton rail link extended from the east to the west coasts of Australia except for a 1996 kilometre gap between Kalgoorlie and Port Augusta.

In October 1917 two construction teams, one starting from Port Augusta and the other from Kalgoorlie met to join the lines on the Nullarbor Plain. It was the longest rail line ever built as a single project in Australia, taking five years to complete using pick and shovel, carthorse and camel.

On 25 October 1917, the first eastbound passenger train, the Transcontinental Express, departed Kalgoorlie for Port Augusta, but the different rail gauges meant guests had to change trains several times along the journey.

It wasn’t until 1969 that an uninterrupted rail line from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean was created when the standard gauge railway line across Australia was completed. The first unbroken journey of the new Indian Pacific left Sydney Central Station on 23 February 1970 beginning a new era of one of the most famous rail journeys in the world.

Gold Service

With room to stretch out and all the luxury comforts, Gold Service is The Indian Pacific’s most popular service where the Outback Explorer Lounge and the Queen Adelaide Restaurant become your playgrounds on wheels.  Share travel tales and make new friends in the Lounge and then enjoy all-inclusive dining complete with Australian wines, beers and beverages in the Restaurant next door.

Then when you’re ready for some quiet time, retreat to your comfortable private sleeper cabin with ensuite.  In Gold Twin the three-seater day lounge converts to upper and lower berths for a comfortable night’s sleep. While in Gold Single, a compact sleeper cabin featuring a bed that converts to a seat by day and shared shower/toilet facilities are located at the end of the carriage.

Platinum Service

Platinum Service is the ultimate all-inclusive indulgence, that elevates this world class journey to well beyond expectations. It’s luxury all the way including deluxe extras such as Platinum Transfers, in-cabin breakfasts and access to the Platinum Club and Outback Explorer Lounge.

Your ultra spacious Platinum cabins (almost twice the size of a Gold Twin Cabin) features a deluxe private lounge with a table and two ottomans. At night, your cabin ingeniously converts into a comfortable bedroom with either a double bed or twin beds. Your ensuite with shower and toilet is packed with features including complimentary premium Australian toiletries.

Lounge and Dining

The Queen Adelaide Restaurant is old world ambience blended with an all-inclusive mouth-watering seasonal menu prepared by on board chefs from hearty breakfasts, two-course lunches and three-course dinners. Meals are complemented by a selection of included wines and beverages with some dietary meals available by request at the time of booking. Décor is art deco and a comforting celebration of the golden era and romance of train travel, available to all guests.  

The Platinum Club is another exclusive addition only available to Platinum Service guests and features a deluxe bar, lounge and fully flexible dining area with furnishings and fittings that embody the train’s Australian heritage. The Club provides a menu that truly showcases the finest regional food coupled with first class service.

Indulge in hearty breakfasts, two-course lunches and four-course dinners with the choice between Top End barramundi, locally farmed beef and lamb, superb Margaret River cheese, gourmet Barossa Valley small goods and plenty of native Australian foods including Kangaroo, saltbush and wild rosella flower. All these delicious meals are complemented with a range of all-inclusive wines of the highest standard, beers and non-alcoholic beverages. You can also request an afternoon refreshment from this beverage list or choose from the self-serve bar while spacious quartzite tabletops and leather banquette lounge seating provide the perfect spot for a conversation or game of cards.